Fertilizer Calculator Spreadsheet

Fertilizer Calculator Spreadsheet

Craig Saxe, Agriculture Agent, UWEX Juneau Co.

An Excel spreadsheet is now available to help with the math when applying fertilizer to a garden, lawn or small field plot. Using a soil test report and six simple steps, this spreadsheet calculates the amount of fertilizer to be applied to a specific area. Application rates and possible nutrient surpluses or deficiencies are calculated for sixteen commonly used fertilizers (including manure options). Other fertilizer choices can be added or with some additional inputs, the spreadsheet will create a more personalized fertilizer blend.

This spreadsheet should not be considered a substitute for a nutrient management plan or a replacement for software programs like SNAP-Plus.

To download a copy go to: http://www.soils.wisc.edu/extension/materials/UWEX_Fertilizer_Calculator.xlsx (Excel 2007 or newer required). Please share comments or suggestions with Craig Saxe, Juneau County UW-Extension, 211 Hickory Street Rm. 302 Mauston WI 53948. 608-847-9329 or craig.saxe@ces.uwex.edu

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