New weed management during drought video

New weed management during drought video

Vince Davis, Cropping Systems Weed Scientist and Extension Specialist

Weeds compete with crops for resources like sunlight, nutrients and water.  In a stressful growing environment like we experienced in 2012, the effects of weed competition can be extremely visual and magnified to the point of crop death.  As control measures are delayed in the year, the more visual crop stress symptoms become, and the more yield will be lost. This video shows a general view of how weed management can affect soybean and corn growth at various degrees from slight stunting to complete crop loss. Tips include controlling weeds earlier in the season to avoid weed competition, but when that doesn’t happen, scout for weed control problems and make detailed notes about where patches of weed escapes are in fields to help with interpreting yield monitor maps and devising best management practices for controlling those weed species in the future.


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