A New Virus of Soybean Confirmed in Wisconsin

A New Virus of Soybean Confirmed in Wisconsin

Damon L. Smith (Plant Pathology, UW-Madison/Extension), Kyle Willis (USDA-ARS Vegetable Crops Research Unit and Department of Plant Pathology, UW-Madison)

This week our laboratory confirmed the presence of Soybean vein necrosis-associated virus (SVNaV) in soybeans sampled in Wisconsin.  Samples were taken on severaldates during September and processed in our laboratory.  Symptoms of the disease caused by the virus include yellowing (chlorosis) of the leaf veins, yellowing of the leaves, and browning (necrosis) of the leaf veins and leaves.  The first report of the virus in the USA was from symptomatic soybean plants in Tennessee in 2008.  Since this discovery in 2008, SVNaV has been confirmed in other states including Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, and most recently Wisconsin.

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