Avipel Corn Seed Treatment to Repel Sandhill Cranes Receives 24(c) Label

Avipel Corn Seed Treatment to Repel Sandhill Cranes Receives 24(c) Label

Eileen Cullen, Extension Entomologist

Avipel corn seed treatment received a new 24(c) Special Local Need Registration through WI Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection and US EPA.  The 24(c) label is effective April 1, 2013 through July 1, 2015 and allows seed treatment on field and sweet corn in Wisconsin.

Avipel was previously authorized in Wisconsin under a Section 18 emergency exemption label. As of April 1st, labels for the Section 24(c) registration are the only valid labels that allow sale/distribution/use of Avipel in Wisconsin. All of the Section 18 emergency exemption labels have expired and are no longer valid.

Sandhill cranes turn to corn seeds as a source of food in the spring, when newly planted seeds or emerging seedlings key the birds in to the kernels underground. The seedling leaves are usually unearthed in the probing process, and while they are not consumed (the birds are consuming the seed), the plant will die. Once the young corn plants use up the seed endosperm, cranes will no longer damage planted corn and crane presence in a field does not threaten corn stands.

To protect newly planted cornfields in the spring from potential crane depredation several studies have demonstrated that the biopesticide 9,10 anthraquinone (AQ) is an effective and non-lethal bird repellent. This active ingredient (AQ) is sold as AvipelÒ by Arkion Life Sciences – commercially available as a corn seed treatment, either liquid seed treatment by a certified retail seed treater or seed dealer, or as a dry hopper box formulation.

General information is available in the UW-Extension publication A3897 – Protect your corn from cranes. For specific information about the seed treatment, please consult Avipel 24(c) labels for liquid seed treatment and dry (hopper box) below.

Avipel Liquid Seed Treatment: http://www.arkionls.com/av/tech-info/24c-WI-corn-liq.pdf

Avipel Hopper Box (dry) Seed Treatment: http://www.arkionls.com/av/tech-info/24c-WI-corn-dry.pdf

For further information or additional contacts:

Eileen Cullen, UW Extension, UW-Madison Entomology Department

Email: cullen@entomology.wisc.edu

Tel: (608) 261-1507

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