Wisconsin Pest Bulletin 7-30-15

Krista Hamilton, Entomologist, WI Dept of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

Issue No. 14 of the Wisconsin Pest Bulletin is now available at:

I N S I D E  T H I S  I S S U E

LOOKING AHEAD:  Peak flight of western bean cutworm occurring in southern WI

FORAGES & GRAINS:  Alfalfa pest pressure remains low

CORN:  Japanese beetles observed feeding on corn silks

SOYBEAN:  Soybean aphid survey continues to find low densities

FRUITS: Apple maggot counts variable this season

VEGETABLES: More cases of late blight confirmed in the past week

NURSERY & FOREST: Results of annual survey of viruses in ornamentals

DEGREE DAYS:  Growing degree day accumulations through July 29, 2015

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