Considerations for Downy Mildew Control in Wisconsin Hop Production, 2016

Amanda J. Gevens, Extension Plant Pathologist, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Contact info:, cell phone: 608-575-3029; and Michelle E. Marks, Graduate Research Assistant, University of Wisconsin-Madison Plant Pathology.

Downy mildew has been detected in Pepin County on April 20, 2016. Pale green, malformed spikes were observed with pathogen sporulation on leaf undersides in a commercial hop yards. This pathogen is likely systemic in many hop yards, meaning that the pathogen is inside the rhizomes and can ‘awaken’ when spikes emerge in the spring. As such, fungicides are important for early season control of this pathogen so as to limit the amount of initial inoculum that can become available to the developing crop as the season progresses. To view the full article about downy mildew control, please follow the link below:

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