Early 2016 Corn Grain Yields Look Promising for Wisconsin

Joe Lauer, Wisconsin Corn Agronomist

We have never had a year like 2016  for high grain yields in the UW Corn Performance Trials. Every location had yields above the 10-year average (see below). For example, at Arlington over the previous 10-years (2006 and 2015) we have tested 1501 corn hybrids with an overall yield average of 232 bu/A. In 2016 we tested 127 hybrids which produced an average yield of 258 bu/A, an 11% increase over the previous 10-year average. This year corn hybrids at Arlington, Montfort, Chippewa Falls, Marshfield, Seymour, Valders, Coleman and Spooner produced a yield increase of more than 10% over the 10-year average.

This year is unique because usually at one or more locations, corn yields are below the 10-year average and the percent change column is negative. Stay tuned for publication results of individual hybrids and the top performances of 2016.


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