Wisconsin CCA Exam Study Materials

Bryan Jensen, UW Extension and IPM Program

The registration period for the February 2, 2018 CCA Exam begins October 2 and closes December 8. Online registration is available on the CCA website. Study materials for the International exam may also be found on the CCA website by clicking on the Exam tab.

One of the most common questions I get is “How should I start studying for the exam”? My answer is always the same. Start by going to the CCA website and review the Performance Objectives for the exam(s) you want to take. The International and Wisconsin Performance Objectives list of all the potential subject matter which can be on each exam. Use them as a study guide to determine areas where you are prepared and areas where more study is needed.

To help prepare for the Wisconsin exam, UW Extension has prepared several resources which you may find useful. Approximately 50 short YouTube videos have been prepared specifically for the state exam. Although all performance objectives are not covered in these videos, the major points of crop production are addressed. The videos are grouped in three playlists:

Soil Science Fundaments for Field Crops

Field and Forage Crop Fundamentals

Weed, Insect and Disease IPM for Field Crops

Additionally, over 100 electronic resources have also been developed by UW Extension specialists and can be useful for both exam preparation and as well as background information for general and specific crop production recommendations. A list of relevant UW-Madison websites is also available at the end of this list which contains more references.

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