Pesticide Applicator Training


University of Wisconsin



You must register to receive a current edition training manual before you can become certified in any pest control category or subcategory in Wisconsin.

► For mor information regarding the different categories, select a manual from the list on the ‘Categories’ page.

≈ Do I Need to be Certified? ≈

You must be certified if you apply or direct the use of:

  • restricted-use pesticides
  • pesticides on a for-hire basis
  • pesticides in public schools or on school grounds
  • pesticides in aquatic environments

You also must be certified if you:

  • conduct pesticide-safety training to agricultural workers or pesticide handlers as required under the Worker Protection Standard (WPS)

A person is either a private applicator or a commercial applicator.

Private Applicator

You qualify as a private applicator if you meet both of the following criteria:

  1. You use or direct the use of pesticides for the purpose of producing an agricultural commodity.
  2. The applications occur on land owned or rented by you or your employer, or on someone else’s land if for exchange of goods or services between agricultural producers.

A private applicator may make incidental applications on someone else’s land for monetary compensation provided the applications are for the production of an agricultural commodity. Unlike applications made for exchange of goods or services, however, applications made for money are limited to a total of 500 acres spanning applications for no more
than 3 different agricultural producers in any calendar year; if you exceed either limit, you are considered a commercial applicator for hire.

Commercial Applicator

Applicators who do not fit the private applicator definition are defined as commercial applicators. Most commercial applicators also will need to become licensed. There are several types of commercial applicators and the description of each is under the Definitions tab.


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