Pesticide Applicator Training


University of Wisconsin


► The DVD training aid is designed to supplement the training manual, not a replacement for reading the manual.
► Go to the Registration page to find out how to order a DVD.
DVDs contain the presentations given at live training sessions, and they serve as a supplementary training aid.  The contents of a DVD may differ slightly from the live presentations and possibly from the  manual because the DVD is not updated. However, DVDs are still useful as a supplemental learning aid. The DVD requires a DVD player for it to run, either a player in your computer or a separate player attached to your TV.

Note to PC Computer Users: Windows Media Player does not come installed with a DVD decoder (often referred to as MPEG-2 DVD decoder) and, therefore, will not play DVD video. You’ll need to either purchase a decoder separately, or install another media player that has a built-in decoder (e.g., WinDVD, PowerDVD). After installing a different media player, Windows Media Player often will then play DVDs because it is using their decoder.

DVDs are available for the following categories

Commercial Pesticide Applicator Live Training
Field & Vegetable Crops: category 1.1 (2008 edition)
Forestry: category 2.0 (2011 edition)
Greenhouse & Nursery: category 3.1 (2010 edition)
Right-of-Way: category 6.0 (2009 edition)
Structural Pest Control: category 7.1 (2007 edition)
Turf & Landscape: category 3.0 (2010 edition)

≈ CD tutorials ≈

CD tutorials do not contain presentations given at live training. Instead, these interactive tutorials present users information about specific learning objectives, and then asks them to choose their response to a given pesticide handling scenario. It then will indicate whether your response is correct and the reason why or why not. CD tutorials only work in PC computers (there is no MAC version).

CD tutorials are available for the following categories
Commercial Pesticide Applicator Training
Turf & Landscape (3.0)
Structural Pest Control (7.1)

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