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Exam Score

≈ Getting Your Exam Score ≈

DATCP will send your exam score by mail. This can take up to 30 days, depending on the time of year when you test. DATCP’s certification and licensing program staff CANNOT give out your exam score over the phone.

You may be able to check your score sooner on DATCP’s PACS Exam Results and Certification Information website at: When you use this online service, enter your certification number if you are recertifying or your exam answer sheet number.  Wait at least 10 days after testing before checking your score online. If your results are not available your exam has not been graded; do not call DATCP it can take up to 30 days to score your exam.

≈ Private Applicator ≈

After you take the exam at your county Extension office, the exam proctor will mail your answer sheet to the WDATCP. If you wish to find out your exam score before the WDATCP mailing, be sure to record the exam answer sheet number and see the “Getting Your Exam Score” above.

If you passed the exam, your new certification card will be included in the mailing with your exam score. Be sure to sign the card and carry it with you whenever you perform any activity for which certification is required. NOTE: Even if you found out through PACS that you passed the exam, you must have your certification card in hand before you can perform any activity for which certification is required.

If you failed the exam, contact your county Extension office to retake the exam.

≈ Commercial Applicator ≈

If you take the exam at WDATCP headquarters in Madison, your exam will be graded while you wait. If you take the exam at any other testing location, or at a live training session, your exam will be sent to the WDATCP headquarters for grading.

If you passed the exam, the procedure is the same as described above for private applicators with two exceptions:

  • If you take and pass the exam at WDATCP headquarters, you will be given a certification card on the spot.
  • An individual applicator license application form will accompany your exam score and certification card. You must be licensed to use or direct the use of restricted-use pesticides or pesticides containing metam sodium or to use or direct the use of any pesticide as a commercial applicator for hire.

If you failed the exam, instructions for scheduling to retake the exam will accompany your exam score. You must observe the following waiting periods before retaking the exam:

  • 1st failure: 24 hours
  • 2nd and 3rd failure: 30 days
  • 4th failure in a 6-month period: 6 months

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