Pesticide Applicator Training


University of Wisconsin

Exam Process

≈ Prepare for the Exam ≈

The first two steps in becoming certified are to find out whether you need to be certified and, if so, how to register for the program to obtain the necessary training. If you have not already done so, you can get this information from the ‘Certification’ page.

Each certification exam is based on the appropriate category-specific training manual. In fact, all exam questions address the learning objectives that are listed at the beginning of each chapter in the manual. Obviously, then, reading and studying your manual will best prepare you for the exam.

Exams consist of approximately 70 multiple-choice questions. Private applicators are given 120 minutes to complete the exam; 90 minutes for commercial applicators. Exams are open book for private applicators and closed book for commercial applicators.

≈ Schedule the Exam ≈

Attending a Training Session
If you register for a training session, you will be automatically scheduled to take the exam at the end of the session. (You are NOT required to take the exam at that time; it’s OK to attend a training session but take the exam at a later date if you feel you need more time to learn the material.)

Commercial applicators who do not attend a training session will need to contact the WDATCP at (608) 224-4548 or to book an appointment for taking the exam. Exams can also be booked online at Exams are offered year-round in Madison and seasonally in Eau Claire, Green Bay, Waukesha, Spooner, and Wausau. The PAT program office will provide detailed information on exam procedures and directions to testing sites in the Green Sheet accompanying your training manual (the Green Sheet is also available on the ‘Additional  Training Info’ page).

Private applicators who do not attend a training session can contact their county Extension office to book an appointment for taking the exam.

≈ Things to Bring to the Exam ≈

  • Photo ID. The exam proctor will not issue you an exam without positive ID (such as a driver’s license).
  • Social Security number. Federal and State law require this number from anyone who is seeking a state certification or license.
  • Your training manual. Complete the Training Registration Form that immediately follows the front cover of the manual and turn it in to the exam proctor. The WDATCP cannot grade your exam, nor grant you certification, until the form is collected.
  • Calculator. You may use a calculator for the exam. However, cell phone calculators, programmable calculators, or those with alphabet keypads are not permitted. Do not bring a calculator that must be connected to AC power.

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