Pesticide Applicator Training


University of Wisconsin



All commercial applicators applying RUPs, or commercial applicators applying any pesticide on a for-hire basis, must be licensed. Although certification is valid for up to 5 years, all licenses expire December 31 annually. Licensing is handled through the WDATCP, not the PAT program (see Agency Roles and Contacts under Program Information).

No license is required of private applicators.

≈ Individual Applicator License ≈

As indicated elsewhere on this website, a license application will be included with your new certification card. If you are already certified, the WDATCP will mail you a license renewal form in Nov/Dec.

≈ Business Application License ≈

Any business that applies pesticides for payment must have a business license for each business location. Each applicator, including sole proprietors, working for a licensed business must be individually licensed (see above).

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