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Private Applicator Training

Do you plan on using a Restricted Use Pesticide (RUP) AND produce an agricultural commodity on your property or your employers property?  If both those are correct, then you are a Private Applicator.  Private Applicators can get certified in three categories, General Farm, Fruits Crops or Greenhouse & Nursery.

As a Private Applicator you have to receive training and certification to apply RUPs.  If you are not going to be using any RUPs then you are off the hook.  To receive training and certification, purchase and study the Private Applicator Training manual from your County Extension office and do one of the two options below:

1) Go to your County Extension office and take the test for certification or,

2) Go to a training offered by your County Extension Office and then do the test at the end of the training.

Simple enough, now how do I get into one of those training?  Simply by contacting your County Extension Office to register.  Below is a list of training at the counties in Wisconsin or you can go to the PAT Program Events Calendar on the right.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact the PAT Program or your County Extension Office.  If you wish to contact your County Extension Office directly, the following link will take you to a listing of county web pages []

The 2018 Private Applicator training schedule will be coming this winter. Most training for Private Applicators at your County Extension Office occur in the months January, February, March and April.


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