N Price App



Have you ever tried to calculate the dollar amount per pound of nitrogen, when you only know the price per ton and the percent of N in a fertilizer? It’s not something you can do in your head very easily.

The free N Price calculator app allows you to compare the price of various forms of nitrogen fertilizer products in terms of their price per pound of nitrogen.

Nitrogen fertilizers such as anhydrous ammonia, urea, and urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) vary in their nitrogen content and are sold on a price per ton basis. This app converts the price of each fertilizer product from price per ton to price per pound of nitrogen — allowing for “apples to apples” comparisons. By comparing the price per pound of nitrogen from multiple fertilizer sources on the N Price Calculator’s Price List, the cheapest source of nitrogen can be identified.

How to use this app:

  • Select a nitrogen fertilizer product by rolling the picker list of present products, or create a custom one by entering the percentage of nitrogen and a custom name.
  • Enter its price per ton. The cost of this nitrogen fertilizer product will now appear at the bottom, expressed in terms of price per pound of nitrogen.
  • To compare this nitrogen fertilizer product to another, tap the “Add” button to app the calculation to a sorted list. Repeat the process for as many nitrogen fertilizer products as you wish. Tap the “List” button to view the list you have created of various products in terms of price per pound of nitrogen. The lowest price will be at the top of the list.
  • You can edit the list by swiping the cells, which will delete them.
  • To e-mail your list of N Price comparisons, tap the Email button in the upper right hand corner of the price list screen.

Version 2.03

Added iCloud support for price list sharing on multiple devices.