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The Manure Tracker app allows you to count and record manure applications on a field by field basis. By creating a list of FIELD names and locations specific to your farm, each manure application is counted on your smartphone and details can be sent as a .csv file to an email address for further record management and safe keeping.

FIELD information includes the Field Name, the Field Size in acres and Spreader Capacity in tons or thousand gallons. You can also choose to set a map location for the FIELD using your phone’s GPS, internet connection and the app’s built-in map.

Application records can include BASIC or ADVANCED information.

BASIC fields record spreader capacity, manure source (such as dairy or swine; you can also create custom source names) and application method (surface applied, incorporated or injected). When you have completed all applications to the FIELD, you can tap the MARK AS COMPLETED button and your manure application rate for that field will be calculated using the total number of loads counted times the spreader capacity in tons and the field size in acres. You can also use this information to calculate manure nutrient credits for the field.

ADVANCED fields record spreader capacity, manure source, application method along with soil condition, temperature and precipitation (at the time of application) and driver’s name. This data may be useful in conjunction with other nutrient management record keeping software.

Use email reports to send the FIELD HISTORY list of manure application records to your main computer. A .csv file in inluded that can be opened in a spreadsheet and saved (for example, saved in Excel for import into SnapPlus software).