Two new NPM apps for Android smartphones

The University of Wisconsin Nutrient and Pest Management Program has just released two apps for users of Android smartphones. These apps, which were introduced last year for iPhone and iPad, are now available at the Google market for free installation by following the links or scanning the QR codes below. You may also read about the apps on the IPCM website at Apps page.

N Price Calculator

QR for N price calculator

Have you ever needed to compare the price of various forms of nitrogen fertilizer products in terms of their price per pound of nitrogen? This app converts the price of each fertilizer product from price per ton to price per pound of nitrogen — allowing for “apples to apples” comparisons.


Corn N Fertilizer Rate Calculator

QR for Corn N Rate calculator

Have you ever needed to know the N rate for corn that will maximize return on investment but didn’t have access to the A2809 “Nutrient application guidelines in field, vegetable, and fruit crops in Wisconsin” book?