Wisconsin Pest Bulletin 8/9/12

Wisconsin Pest Bulletin 8/9/12

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I N S I D E   T H I S   I S S U E

LOOKING AHEAD:  First economic population of soybean aphids found in St. Croix Co.

FORAGES & GRAINS:  Alfalfa caterpillars butterflies common in southern Wisconsin

CORN:  More results from annual corn rootworm beetle survey

SOYBEANS:  Whiteflies and green cloverworms noted during this week’s surveys

WEEDS:  Increased risk of livestock poisoning from poisonous weeds this year

FRUITS:  Codling moth counts remain high in several apple orchards

VEGETABLES:  Locally heavy corn earworm flights noted in the south and east

NURSERY & FOREST:  Genista broom moth caterpillars found in more counties

DEGREE DAYS:  Degree day accumulations through August 8, 2012