Managing Nutrients on Wisconsin Soils Webinar Workshop – 2013

Managing Nutrients on Wisconsin Soils Webinar Workshop – 2013

Presented by: UW-Madison Department of Soil Science and UW-Extension Nutrient & Pest Management Program

Managing Nutrients on Wisconsin Soils Workshop is being offered in a webinar format this year with a revised/updated curriculum. The 2013 workshop webinars will be March 18, 19, and 21 from 1 to 4 pm. Registered participants will receive a URL to login into the webinar series from their office or home computer.

Program Information

This is an intensive nine-hour webinar designed for agency and industry personnel who desire to have a more in depth knowledge of intermediate to advanced topics in soil fertility and soil management.  The learning objectives are to provide individuals with a fundamental understanding of Wisconsin’s revised nutrient application guidelines, advanced soil fertility management tools that may be used in adaptive nutrient management, and soil management practices to reduce nutrient loss.

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Featured Speakers

John Peters, Carrie Laboski, Scott Sturgul, Ken Hubbard, Laura Good, Kevin McSweeney, Matt Ruark, Francisco Arriaga, Department of Soil Science, University of  Wisconsin-Madison


Monday, March 18

  • Understanding soil groups and soil yield potential
  • The nitrogen cycle – the key to better N management
  • Forms of fertilizer N
  • N rate guidelines for profitable crop production,
  • N credits from manure and legumes
  • Soil nitrate testing
  • Understanding N stabilizer/extenders
  • Crop canopy sensing for in-season N management
  • Evaluating N management during/after extreme weather (eg heavy rainfall, drought)

Tuesday, March 19

  • Phosphorus and potassium recommendations & management
  • Manure P & K credits
  • P loss from tile lines: is it really an issue?
  • Starter fertilizers as part of a nutrient management plan
  • Secondary and Micronutrients – do you need them?
  • Liming – the cornerstone to a good nutrient management program
  • Uses and limitations of plant analysis including end of season stalk nitrate test

Thursday, March 21

  • Soils and landforms of Wisconsin and their influence on nutrient loss
  • Cover Crops
  • Soil management practices and their impact on nutrient loss
  • Soil management practices in RUSLE2 and the Phosphorus Index

Online Registration

Registration for the webinar is required for each participant and the fee is $90 per person. Registration will close on March 18 at noon, but early registration is appreciated and will improve the participant’s webinar experience.

Register at:
Credit card is the only form of payment on this website.

A confirmation email will be sent to each participant. For questions on registration contact Carol Duffy (, 608-262-0485). For questions about program content contact Carrie Laboski (, 608-263-2795).

Course Materials

After registering, participants will be sent an email with directions for downloading supplemental materials and information needed to log into the webinars. All webinars will be recorded and available for participants to view until May 31. Basic principles of soil fertility will not be covered in these webinars, but will be part of the supplemental materials. Participants may wish to purchase UWEX publications A2809 Nutrient application guidelines for field, vegetable, and fruit crops in Wisconsin and A3588 Management of Wisconsin Soils from the Learning Store at: Both publications can be downloaded for free as PDF files.


An application has been made for Certified Crop Advisor CEU’s with 6 credits in nutrient management and 3 credits in soil and water management (9 credits total).