Black Cutworm in Corn Video

Eileen Cullen, Extension Entomologist

Black cutworm moths arrived in Wisconsin a few weeks ago. The Wisconsin Pest Bulletin reported the first significant capture of moths on May 6-7. The WI DATCP annual black cutworm trapping survey captured 252 moths in 30 traps by mid-May. This is a comparatively small black cutworm migration indicating low risk for widespread outbreaks than what we have seen over the past two to three years. However, localized problems remain possible.

Black cutworm larvae are predicted to reach the cutting stage (4th instar) May 28 in southern Wisconsin, and beginning June 3 for central and northern Wisconsin. These predictions are based on 300 black cutworm degree days (base 50°F) after the first significant capture of moths in the respective regional areas.

Routine monitoring will be required from corn emergence until the five-leaf (V5) stage. Pay special attention to fields with low growing winter annual weeds or no-till residue during the moth flight over the last several weeks as these would be attractive sites for black cutworm moth egg-laying.

Dr. Eileen Cullen, field and forage crop Extension specialist, visits a corn field to demonstrate the process of black cutworm scouting, identification of early damage, and discuss black cutworm trapping, degree day predictions and rescue treatment thresholds.

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[Video] “Black Cutworm in Corn”


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