Wisconsin Winter Wheat Disease Update – May 15, 2013

Damon Smith, Extension Field Crops Pathologist, Department of Plant Pathology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The status of disease on winter wheat in Wisconsin is pretty similar to that of last week (https://ipcm.webhosting.cals.wisc.edu/blog/2013/05/wisconsin-winter-wheat-disease-update-may-8-2013/).  Wheat is at Feekes 4 or 5 this week in southern Wisconsin and only Septoria leaf blotch has been observed at low levels on lower leaves.  Wheat has responded well to milder temperatures, frequent rains, and nitrogen applications.

Dr. Carl Bradley, University of Illinois plant pathologist, reported low levels of stripe rust in Champaign Co. Illinois this week.  Wheat growers and consultants in Wisconsin should continue to scout for rust, especially stripe rust.  Reports continue to get closer to Wisconsin and frequent rains and mild temperatures are perfect for spread and development of stripe rust.

For more information about rusts, and stripe rust in particular, check out my previous articles located at https://ipcm.webhosting.cals.wisc.edu/blog/2013/04/wheat-scouting-and-little-more-about-rusts/ and also at https://ipcm.webhosting.cals.wisc.edu/blog/2013/03/using-fungicides-on-wheat/.