Fusarium Head Blight Update 6/4/13

Damon Smith, Extension Plant Pathologist, University of Wisconsin

Winter wheat was scouted in in variety trials in Janesville and Lancaster Wisconsin on June 4, 2013. Wheat is beginning to flower, or in full flower, in these locations in Southern WI. Risk for head scab has been moderate in these locations over the last week or so according to the risk assessment tool. I would expect the risk to remain moderate in these locations over the next several days with good chances of rain in the forecast and a warming trend during the late week and weekend. Farmers in Southern Wisconsin should assess their head scab risk now and make a decision to apply fungicide to manage head scab. DO NOT use fungicides that contain strobilurin fungicides (FRAC 11) for control of head scab, as increased risk for DON (deoxynivalenol) can result. A triazole fungicide such as Prosaro, Caramba, or similar during the onset of flowering to 3-5 days after will be most