Late-Season Weed Survey

Vince M. Davis, Cropping Systems Weed Scientist and Extension Specialist

A potential increase in herbicide-resistant weeds, particularly glyphosate-resistant weeds, is a major concern for the sustainability of Wisconsin crop production.  Ross Recker and Dr. Vince Davis are once again conducting late-season weed surveys to proactively assess the potential for glyphosate-resistant weeds and/or changing weed problems in Wisconsin.  The survey is funded by the Wisconsin Corn Promotion Board, and in 2012 the survey led to the identification of at least one population of glyphosate-resistant horseweed in the state (

Please consider reviewing and responding to their previous call (  for help with this survey to proactively screen and provide management recommendations for glyphosate resistance in Wisconsin.  Or, please go directly to the online survey here: