Removal of Roundup Ready Alfalfa: What can we learn from 2012

Mark Renz, University of Wisconsin Extension Weed Scientist

Alfalfa stand termination has been difficult in 2013.  This is likely due to several factors, including poor regrowth in the fall of 2012, late emergence this spring, and stressed crops due to insect damage from 2012.  While tillage is an effective removal strategy by itself or when combined with herbicides, many acres are in no-till production.  To further complicate matters the use of Roundup Ready alfalfa makes removal more challenging as glyphosate cannot be used to remove the alfalfa.

We have initiated a study at Arlington Research Station to study Roundup Ready alfalfa removal during this challenging time. We evaluated fall or spring applications of 2,4-D alone or combined with dicamba with additional treatments in corn planted this spring targeting alfalfa.  This experiment was viewed by many at the recent Pest Management Field-day. For those that couldn’t attend below is a link with a summary of the project and initial results.