Late Planted Drought Stricken Soybean II: More Valuable as a Forage or Green Manure?

Shawn Conley, Soybean and Wheat Extension Specialist

Now that we have checked the label and determined we can legally harvest our soybean crop as a forage now lets consider the calendar for our full suite of options. The average number of days it will take from R6 (full seed) to R7 (beginning maturity) soybean is 15-18 days. If you are in R6 now look at your historic killing frost date and extended weather forecast. If the odds are in your favor roll the dice and cut the beans for grain. If you are not at R6 yet or there is a strong chance of a killing frost in your extended forecast prior to R7 lets realistically consider our options for best utilizing this standing soybean crop.

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