UW-Extension/Madison Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic (PDDC) Update

Brian Hudelson, Ann Joy, Erin DeWinter and Joyce Wu, Plant Disease Diagnostics Clinic

The PDDC receives samples of many plant and soil samples from around the state.  The following diseases/disorders have been identified at the PDDC from November 9, 2013 through November 15, 2013.

Plant/Sample Type, Disease/Disorder, Pathogen, County


Apple, Bitter Pit, None, Jefferson

Apple, Phomopsis Canker, Phomopsis sp./Diaporthe sp., Dane

Apple, Root Rot, Phytophthora sp., Dane


Tomato, Gray Mold/Botrytis Blight, Botrytis cinerea, Douglas


Soybean Soil, Soybean Cyst Nematode, Heterodera glycines, Brown, Columbia, Grant, Jefferson, Marquette, Trempealeau

For additional information on plant diseases and their control, visit the PDDC website at pddc.wisc.edu.