Cover crop webinar series

Matt Ruark, Department of Soil Science, UW-Madison and UW-Extension

Cover crops are an important tool for Wisconsin farmers to prevent erosion, conserve plant nutrients, and to improve the soil condition. However, there are many aspects of cover crop management that need to be considered to ensure successful establishment and termination, as well as to obtain the short-term and long-term benefits. To address these aspects of cover crop management, a four-part cover crop webinar series is available for free through the American Society of Agronomy. This webinar series is sponsored in part by the University of Wisconsin Department of Soil Science. These webinars are 12:00 to 1:00 pm (CST) and topics are as follows:

March 6: Cover crops, soil health principles, and maximizing yields
March 13: Combining livestock, manure, and cover crops
March 20: Cover crop seed selection and planting
March 27: Cover crop management and termination

Each webinar is co-hosted by one farmer and one scientist (USDA or Extension). This format allows for presentations on successful cover crop management by experienced farmers along with presentations on recent cover crop research. Detailed information on each seminar, including instructions for registration can be found at: You will need to register at least one hour before the start of the seminar. Participants can earn one hour of CEU credit for Certified Crop Advisors, Certified Professional Agronomists, or Certified Professional Soil Scientists.