How to use UWEX Pest Management Mobile web app

Pest Management Mobile: a resource for pest management in agronomic crops in Wisconsin

Mark Renz, Extension Weed Specialist; University of Wisconsin-Extension

University of Wisconsin-Extension is pleased to announce Pest Management Mobile, which offers quick mobile access to key pest management information found in publication A3646 (Pest Management in Wisconsin Field Crops) through This website has been tailored for use on a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet, but can also be viewed through any web browser on any computer.

PMM intro screen shotPest Management Mobile currently provides information on

  1. herbicides for establishing and established alfalfa,
  2. insecticides for corn, soybeans and alfalfa, and
  3. fungicides for corn. Herbicides in corn and soybean and fungicides in soybeans and alfalfa will be added later in 2014.

Here is an example of how to use this web app. While herbicides are given as an example, users can also access information with respect to insecticides and select fungicides (corn). These other options will be highlighted in future articles.

Quick reference to key information about a product: To check on an attribute of a product, use the “product details” search feature. Simply start to type in the product name and, as the product name becomes available from the list, select it (Figure 1A). The resulting page will display key attributes of the product, such as restricted entry interval, mode of action, manufacturer, or rainfastness of the resulting pesticide (Figure 1B). To access information about using the product in registered crops, scroll down and click on the tab key (Figure 1C).

PMM screen shot

Interactive search for pest management options: An interactive search of pesticide products registered for user-identified pests can also be conducted from this website. For example, to identify a herbicide that is effective in managing foxtails, common lambsquarter, and common ragweed in a new alfalfa seeding, select “establishing alfalfa weeds” (Figure 2A), then select the weed species of interest (Figure 2B), and a list of herbicides sorted by effectiveness on the species selected will be displayed. Pesticides can be filtered by stage, application method, or minimum efficacy rating to reduce the number of products (Figure 2C). Results are presented in a table that allow for quick viewing of key information (Figure 2D). While the table is initially sorted by efficacy, it can be resorted by any of the other attributes—just select the column heading.


Once a product is selected (figure 3A), touch/click the name to view specific information related to application in the crop of choice (Figures 3B-D), pests selected, and general product information (Figure 1c).

PMMfigure3abcd  Any information can be shared by emailing, texting, or posting the URL from the mobile website. This will allow users to communicate results to interested parties. For example, these are the links used in this example:

Figure 1C:

Figure 2C:,6,2 scroll down to see Figure 2D

Figure 3A:,6,2&crop_id=2  click/touch usage in establishing alfalfa to view Figure 3B, scroll down to see Figures 3C-D.

All this information is also found within Pest Management in Wisconsin Field Crops (A3646). For a print copy or PDF of this information, please search for A3646 at the UW-Extension Publishing website or use the following link: .