2014 UW Extension Pest Management Update Meeting Series

Mark Renz, Extension Weed Specialist

Mark your calendars as the UW Extension’s Pest Management Update meetings are just around the corner (November 10-20). While the program will still provide detailed updates to pest management in Wisconsin field crops, we have adapted the schedule to allow for more interaction between presenters and added the participation of Bryan Jensen and Dan Heider with the University of Wisconsin Integrated Pest and Crop Management Program.

This year we will focus the entire morning (10-noon) on integrated pest management updates by crop. This session will be streamlined to focus on new pesticide registrations, pest updates, and highlight important issues from 2014 by crop. After lunch, topics will be more focused on specific updates such as herbicide resistance, sprayer technology, and the pest management mobile website. We will end the meeting with diagnostic training events developed to improve problem solving skills for pest related issues common to Wisconsin Field Crops. The full schedule with dates, meeting locations, topics and registration contact information are highlighted below. Please register with the host agent at least 1 week prior to the meeting at the location you wish to attend.

Note that the location sequence changes a bit from year to year based on logistics. Be sure to look at the 2014 schedule included with this article when selecting your preferred date and location. Please attend the meeting location at which you registered. Each meeting in the series is a separate county-based event and host agents cannot interchange registrant fees or meal counts.

Below are important changes to note:

  • Janesville: switched the meeting place (Holiday Inn Express I-90/US 14) and date (11/13)
  • Green Bay: Moved location to Kimberly (Liberty Hall). Contact Kevin Jarek for registration.

Four hours of CCA CEU pest management credits are requested and available at each location.

The speakers will be extension specialists Mark Renz, weed scientist, perennial cropping systems; Vince Davis, weed scientist, annual cropping systems; Dan Heider, IPM outreach specialist, Bryan Jensen, entomologist, and Damon Smith, field crop plant pathologist.

2014 Pest Management Update Topics:

Integrated Pest Management Updates in corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and small grains: Update on new products and/or use of existing products as well as brief highlights of the 2014 pest situations in each crop.

Herbicide resistance update: Vince Davis will provide an update on the status of herbicide resistant weed populations in Wisconsin and discuss how to detect and manage resistant populations.

Sprayer technology: Dan Heider will discuss advances in sprayer technology and review how these can be utilized to maximize application efficacy while minimizing drift.

Diagnostics: Damon Smith and Vince Davis will provide several diagnostic trainings that will allow participants to interact and hone their pest management skills. Scenarios will be based on common scenarios faced by producers in 2014.

Check out the full meeting schedule at the link below:

2014 PMU Schedule Table-1
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