Wisconsin Dairy and Beef Well-Being Conference

Aerica Bjurstrom, Agriculture Agent, UW Extension-Kewaunee County

The Wisconsin Dairy and Beef Well-Being Conference will be held at Liberty Hall in Kimberly on April 30th. We are again pleased to welcome Dr. Temple Grandin as our keynote speaker. She’s not the only top quality speaker on the agenda though! We have the Dee Griffin, a pioneer in the Beef Quality Assurance program, Jan Sheaerer, a leader in animal welfare from Iowa State University, Kurt Voegel from UW-River Falls, and our own Amy Stanton on the agenda. We are also welcoming Bruce Feinberg from McDonalds and Lily Edwards-Callaway from JBS.

This will be an excellent meeting and worth the travel for producers. The meeting focus in on beef and dairy, but poultry and pork producers will find value in this meeting as well.

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