Webinar series on irrigation and water management

UW Extension is setting up a Professional Development opportunity on Irrigation systems and Irrigation water management to help us all increase our knowledge about how to use water efficiently. Irrigation has been a hot topic in some parts of Wisconsin from a combination of some dry years and increased ground water usage. This webinar series will give you the knowledge to help growers use water more wisely and still grow a quality crop.



The series of five webinars will start with Irrigation 101 for those who may not be as familiar with the equipment side or want to look at the consideration that should be taken when deciding to invest in an irrigation system.

The second webinar will look at soil water management for crop production and how checkbook irrigation scheduling is done.

The third webinar will introduce participants to the WISP-2102 on-line irrigation scheduling program and step people through how to set it up. One of the assignments will be to use it during 2015 to determine when to irrigate a field (or your lawn) for practice.

The fourth webinar will cover testing, energy use and maintenance to keep systems operating and using water efficiently as the systems age.

The last webinar in the series will look at drip or micro irrigation systems and how to do scheduling.

There will also be a summer field workshop where we will install and use soil moisture sensors, setup a simple drip irrigation system, setup a uniformity test on a center pivot and possibly do a pump test. The dates for the workshop will be scheduled later.

See the attached brochure for more information.

To Register go to: https://uwmadison.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_eXxhvC6nydstxzf

If you have questions, please contact Scott Sanford, Biological Systems Engineering sasanford@wisc.edu