Fungicide Efficacy Tables Updated For 2015!

Damon Smith, Extension Field Crops Plant Pathologist

The corn, soybean, and small grains fungicide efficacy tables have been updated for the 2015 field season. The efficacy tables reflect efficacy ratings from a group of land grant extension pathologists from around the country. These ratings are based on unbiased, university efficacy trials over multiple years and locations. Not all products labeled for a particular crop are included on the table. This is because some products are relatively new and not enough data is available for the scientists to make a reliable rating. These tables do not reflect any advertising or endorsement of any product. These data are merely for your information as you work on developing your disease management plans for the 2015 grain cropping season. The tables can be found and downloaded as a PDF by clicking on the FUNGICIDE INFORMATION page and scrolling down. Or you can click here for the CORN table, SOYBEAN table, or SMALL GRAINS table.