Using Fungicides on Alfalfa for Dairy Production in Wisconsin

Damon Smith, Assistant Professor and Extension Field Crops Plant Pathologist, UW-Madison; Scott Chapman, Researcher, Departments of Plant Pathology and Entomology, UW-Madison; Bryan Jensen, Outreach Program Manager, Integrated Pest Management Program, UW-Madison; Greg Blonde, Agricultural Agent, UW-Extension, UW-Madison; Bill Halfman, Agricultural Agent, UW-Extension, UW-Madison; and Dan Undersander, Professor, Department of Agronomy, UW-Madison

Recently new fungicides have been labeled for use on alfalfa for dairy production systems. Interest in using these products has increased among farmers in the state of Wisconsin. Data from the 1980s suggested that fungicides applied to alfalfa controlled foliar diseases and increased yield. However, alfalfa varieties, management practices, and disease control products have changed dramatically since this research was conducted. Therefore, new research was conducted to evaluate modern fungicide products on alfalfa grown under 21st century management practices. This new fact sheet is now available, which summarizes this research to evaluate the efficacy and economics of applying fungicide to alfalfa in Wisconsin. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A PDF VERSION OF THIS FACT SHEET.