Wisconsin Pest Bulletin 5-28-15

Issue No. 6 of the Wisconsin Pest Bulletin is now available at:

I N S I D E   T H I S   I S S U E

LOOKING AHEAD: Black cutworm primary damage window now open

FORAGES & GRAINS: Significant increase in alfalfa weevil counts this week

CORN: European corn borer egg laying has started in southern WI

SOYBEAN: Minor bean leaf beetle defoliation noted in Columbia and Dane Cos.

FRUITS: Codling moth biofix set at several orchards from May 22-27

VEGETABLES: Striped cucumber beetle emergence under way

NURSERY & FOREST: Euonymus caterpillar infestation reported in the Appleton area

DEGREE DAYS: Growing degree day accumulations through May 27, 2015

Krista Hamilton, Entomologist