Arlington Weed Garden in “Full Bloom”

Mark Renz, Associate Professor and Extension Weed Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison

I would like to officially invite people to view the weed garden at the Arlington Agricultural Research Station this summer (N695 Hopkins Road, Arlington WI 53911). This “garden” has over 90 common weeds found in Wisconsin agronomic crops emerged and available for viewing. Specimens consist of perennials, biennials, and annual weeds that grow throughout Wisconsin.

While it may appear easy to grow weeds, it is incredibly challenging to get weeds to grow exactly where you want them to. I would like to thank my staff, undergraduate and graduate students for helping to weed, transplant and mow the area. I think it is in the best shape in years. For a video tour of the garden please view this video



While many of the summer annual weeds have not flowered, this is an excellent time work on weed identification while many are in the vegetative stage. If you live near the Arlington Research Station (N695 Hopkins Road, Arlington WI 53911), or are travelling near this facility, please stop by.

The weed garden is located on the south side of the public events parking lot. This garden will remain open through September, so weeds can be viewed at various stages of growth. For a list (and map) of species in the weed garden, check the mailbox in the northeast corner.

For more weed information, visit