Remember Crop Diagnostic Training Center Crop and Pest Management Workshop!

Joe Lauer talking to group

Registration is open for UW-Madison Integrated Pest Management Program’s Crop & Pest Management Workshop and will be held August 13, 2015.

FAST and easy ONLINE registration by credit card:

The workshop will be hosted at the Arlington Agricultural Research Station. Be aware that this is not a “traditional” field day. The training session is designed to be primarily in-field and hands-on. We advise that attendees come prepared to be in the field and ready for all types of weather. CCA CEU’s are available as listed, but are subject to change pending approval from the Certified Crop Advisor Program.

Contact Dan Heider at 608-262-6491, or email


Crop & Pest Management Workshop

Date:               August 13, 2014

Location:        Arlington Ag Research Station

CCA CEU’s:   1.0 Crop Management, 1.0 Nutrient Management, 2.0 Pest management

Fee:                 $90

This workshop takes a multi-disciplinary and in-depth approach covering agronomic concerns ranging from identification of crop and pest production problems to management options within production systems.

Thursday – August 13, 2015

9:30 – 10:00 registration / introduction & orientation

10:00 – 12:00 sessions 1-2

12:00 – 12:45 lunch (provided)

12:45 – 2:45 sessions 3-4

Topics Covered:
Sampling for and interpreting plant nutrient analysis –Carrie Laboski, Extension Soils Specialist

• Learn proper sampling techniques and how/why they
change with crop maturity
• You have the test results, now what? Learn the uses and
limitations of in-season plant nutrient testing results

Impacts of Hybrid Selection – Joe Lauer, Extension Corn Agronomist

• Seed costs have skyrocketed and seed traits have become
increasingly complex and confusing. Making sense of it all
will help you or your customers maximize their return on
• This session will help you to critically evaluate hybrids to
make the best informed choice for your location

The trait game II –Bryan JensenUW Integrated Pest Management Specialist

• You know all the traits and their impact – or do you? This
session begins with a brief but in-depth discussion on corn
rootworm Bt traits, beetle scouting, root rating and more
• Much of this session will concentrate on the management
decision process of when and how to incorporate Bt traits and
soil applied insecticides.

Dandelion biology and control –Mark Renz, Extension Weed Science Specialist

• Taraxacum officinale, lions-tooth, blow-ball, dandelion – you
know it by many names, but how well do you really know it?
An in-depth discussion on the biology and growth/development
of this difficult to control weed
• This session will look at control options in several crops and let
you decide what works and what doesn’t

To view the flyer for the workshops follow the link below:

2015 CDTC workshops flyer
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