Training for Nutrient Management Planners Online Video Workshop – 2016

Scott Sturgul – NPM Program

Training for Nutrient Management Planners is a self-paced seven hour online video series and a one day face-to-face, follow-up workshop. The program is designed for current and potential nutrient management plan writers in Wisconsin – particularly production agronomists and county-based conservation staff. The intent of this workshop is to provide in-depth training on the preparation of quality nutrient management plans.

This online video series is available for viewing from February 1 to April 15, 2016. It is presented by the University of Wisconsin-Madison & Extension Nutrient & Pest Management Program, UW-Madison Department of Soil Science, UW-Platteville School of Agriculture, WI Dept. Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection, USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service, and WI Dept. Natural Resources. Featured speakers include: Chris Baxter, Judy Derricks, Robert Florence, Laura Ward Good, Paul Kivlin, Carrie Laboski, Sue Porter, Stephanie Schneider, and Scott Sturgul.

Topics include:

  • Wisconsin’s USDA-NRCS 590 Nutrient Management Standard
  • How and Why Conservation Plans are Linked to NM plans
  • Components of Conservation Plans Needed for NM Plan Development
  • MMAS: Maps for Determination of 590 Set-backs & Restrictions
  • Concepts of Soil Series and Soil Map Units
  • Changes to the NRCS Soil Database
  • Understanding Soil Properties that Affect Soil Fertility Guidelines
  • Soil Sampling
  • Nutrient Application Rate Guidelines for N, P, & K
  • Soil Nitrate Testing
  • Plant Analysis
  • Understanding a Soil Test Report
  • Legume Nitrogen Credits
  • Manure & Biosolids Nutrient Crediting
  • Manure Sampling & Reporting
  • Manure Spreader Calibration
  • Manure Production Calculations: Variations & Compensations
  • Phosphorus Management Planning for Water Quality
  • Nitrogen Management for Water Quality Protection
  • Mechanics of Creating a Nutrient Management Plan

The follow-up workshop will feature extensive training on the use of the SnapPlus nutrient management planning software. Participants will prepare a functional plan for a real Wisconsin farm. Dates and locations for the follow-up workshops are: March 31 at the UW Agricultural Research Station in Marshfield, WI and April 4 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Madison, WI. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring laptop computers to the workshop with the latest version of the SnapPlus software installed. SnapPlus can be downloaded for free at:

A brochure for the Training for Nutrient Management Planners workshop can be found here:

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Registration for viewing the video series and attending one of two follow-up workshops is required. The total fee is $100 per person. Registration is open now and will close on March 15. Interested participants can register at: You must choose the follow-up workshop you wish to attend during the registration process. A credit card is the only acceptable form of payment on this website. A confirmation email will be sent to each participant. For questions on registration contact Scott Sturgul (, 608-262-7486). Please note: You must be able to access YouTube in order to view these presentations!

Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) continuing education units (CEU’s) for this workshop has been approved by the Wisconsin CCA Board. The workshop contains 10 credits in nutrient management and 3 credits in soil and water management.