20 Year Milestone for Wisconsin CCA’s

Bryan Jensen
UW Extension

While time may fly, 20 years is still a very important achievement for these WI CCA’s. Please take time to review the list of WI CCA’s who have recently reached their 20 year anniversary. Give them a call or send and email congratulating them on their 20 year commitment to Wisconsin agriculture and the CCA Program.

Wisconsin CCA’s Achieving Their 20 Year Anniversary in 2016:

Steven Austin                         Belmont
Jeffry Breuer                          Arlington
Eric Clark                                Madison
Dennis Deitelhoff                  Galesville
Dennis Gunderson                Independence
Scott Hendrickson                Manitowoc
Kevin Hoyer                           West Salem
Bradley Dean Hurda             Cashton
Robert Klink                           Arlington
Matthew Luther                     Marshfield
John Swehla                           Sumner
James Turner                         Waunakee
Mike Vollrath                         Fitchburg