New video: Winter Wheat In-Season Disease Management Part III

Damon Smith

Fusarium Head Blight (FHB) in winter wheat? If a fungicide has not been applied yet, and  stripe rust is present, a fungicide should be considered to control FHB and stripe rust together. Timing of application of control products is critical. I would urge you to wait until anthesis has begun in your field before applying.

We have observed poor control of FHB where application of these effective fungicides was made before anthesis. In fact, we have observed improved control of FHB and lower levels of DON in finished grain where fungicide application was delayed 4-5 days after the beginning of anthesis, compared to applications at the start of anthesis. Also, remember that application of fungicides should be made no later than 6-7 days after the start of anthesis. After this time, fungicide efficacy on FHB is much reduced.

Here is a short video from the field.