UW-Madison/Extension Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic (PDDC) Update

Brian Hudelson, Sean Toporek, Jake Kurczewski and Ann Joy

The PDDC receives samples of many plant and soil samples from around the state. The following diseases/disorders have been identified at the PDDC from July 23, 2016 through July 29, 2016.

Plant/Sample Type, Disease/Disorder, Pathogen, County

Field Crops
Corn, Common Rust, Puccinia sorghi, Sauk
Corn, Eyespot, Kabatiella zeae, Sauk
Corn, Goss’ Wilt, Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. nebraskensis, Grant
Corn, Norther Corn Leaf Spot, Bipolar zeicola, Sauk
Soybean, Herbicide Toxicity, None, Lafayette
Soybean, Phytophthora Root and Stem Rot, Phytophthora sp., Brown, Grant, Iowa, Rock

Forage Crops
Intermediate Wheatgrass, Crown Rust, Puccinia coronata,  Columbia
Intermediate Wheatgrass, Ergot, Claviceps sp., Columbia

Fruit Crops
Apple, Cedar-Apple Rust, Gymnosporangium sp., Dane, Eau Claire
Apple, Cork Spot, None, Oneida
Blackberry, Botryosphaeria Cane Canker, Botryosphaeria sp., Rock
Blackberry, Septoria Leaf Spot, Septoria rubi, Taylor
Pear, Entomosporium Leaf Spot, Entomosporium sp., Oneida
Raspberry, Anthracnose, Sphaceloma necator, Sheboygan
Raspberry, Raspberry Leaf Spot, Cylindrosporium rubi, Price
Raspberry, Verticillium Wilt, Verticillium sp., Sheboygan

Vegetable Crops
Basil, Root Rot, Fusarium sp., Eau Claire
Garlic, Garlic Mosaic, Unidentified potyvirus, Cook (IL)
Kale, Fusarium Yellows, Fusarium oxysporum, Vernon
Melon, Bacterial Wilt, Erwinia tracheiphila, Buffalo
Pea, Aphanomyces Root Rot, Aphanomyces euteiches, Baraga (MI)
Potato, Black Leg, Dickeya sp., Langlade, Portage, Suffolk (NY)
Potato, Rhizoctonia Canker, Rhizoctonia solani, Marathon
Snap Bean, Herbicide Damage, None, Jefferson
Tomato, Bacterial Canker, Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis, Rock
Tomato, Bacterial Speck, Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato, Portage
Tomato, Cucumber Mosaic, Cucumber mosaic virus, Jefferson
Tomato, Early Blight, Alternaria solani, Marquette
Tomato, Herbicide Damage, None, Jefferson
Tomato, Septoria Leaf Spot, Septoria lycopersici, Marquette, Portage
Tomato, Tobacco Mosaic, Tobacco mosaic virus, Jefferson

Specialty Crops
Hop, Apple mosaic, Apple mosaic virus, Dane, Champaign (IL)
Hop, Carlavirus, Unidentified carlavirus, Champaign (IL)
Hop, Fusarium Canker/ Wilt, Fusarium sp., Dane

Alfalfa Soil, Aphanomyces Seedling Blight, Aphanomyces euteiches race 2, Buffalo

For additional information on plant diseases and their control, visit the PDDC website at pddc.wisc.edu.

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