Brush Management on Working Landscapes in Southwest Wisconsin Field-day

Mark Renz Associate Professor and Extension Weed Specialist

Do you have large multiflora rose plants in your pastures? Do you cut back prickly ash only to see it resprout the next spring? Are bush honeysuckles taking over your fence-line? If you answered yes to any of these then consider attending this brush management in pastures field-day to be held on August 11th in Dodgeville from 10-1 pm on the Ruppert/Condon farm (2326 Ruppert Rd Dodgeville WI).

brushThis event will highlight the efforts one farm has taken to reclaim their pastures from brush. This field day will feature an overview of the history of SW Wisconsin “working lands” and how it has changed as well as focus on key skillsets required for effective management. These include an overview of the common brush species found in Wisconsin’s pastures as well as an overview of common management techniques including herbicides, fire, mowing and grazing. NRCS staff will also be present to discuss federal programs available to assist and how to apply for these. Experts will also be available to answer specific questions on management options a producer may have. At the conclusion of this event, registered attendees, will receive a free barbeque lunch thanks to Dow Agrosciences.

See below for an abbreviated schedule, and if interested and available please contact Gene Schriefer (Iowa County Extension Agent) at or (608)930-9850 to register for the event.

At the conclusion of lunch attendees are welcome to view field research plots that demonstrate the effectiveness of specific herbicides on bush honeysuckle, multiflora rose, and prickly ash.

AGENDA (10 am -1 pm)

  • Welcome and History of SW Wisconsin
    • Gene Schriefer (UWEX Iowa County)
  • Host Introductions and history of farm
    • Karin Condon and Ken Ruppert
  • Identification of Brush Species in Pastures
    • Mark Renz (UW-Madison / UWEX)
  • EQIP and other Federal Programs Available
    • Marie Raboin (NRCS)
  • Herbicide application methods
    • Jamie Baumgardner (Dow Agrosciences)
  • Factors to consider when selecting a herbicide
    • Scott Flynn (Dow Agrosciences)
  • Goats & fire for managing shrubs in pastures
    • Cherrie Nolden (UW Madison), Gene Schriefer