Research results: Don’t delay soybean planting to manage SDS

Damon Smith, Department of Plant Pathology and Shawn Conley, Department of Agronomy, University of Wisconsin-Madison

A new 4 page publication titled “Don’t Delay Soybean Planting to Manage Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS): Yield Loss Can Result” is available to download in PDF format from the website.

Here are the results in a beanpod:

  • Wisconsin soybean growers should not sacrice early-May planting dates that maximize yield in order to reduce SDS development and subsequent yield loss.
  • Highest amount of SDS symptoms occurred in early-May planting dates. Despite this, highest yields also occurred in the early-May planting dates.
  • Careful attention should be given to selecting cultivars with high-yield potential as the first priority, and then focus cultivar selection using company SDS ratings.