UW-Madison/Extension Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic (PDDC) Update

Brian Hudelson, Sean Toporek, Jake Kurczewski and Ann Joy

The PDDC receives samples of many plant and soil samples from around the state. The following diseases/disorders have been identified at the PDDC from August 6, 2016 through August 12, 2016.

Plant/Sample Type, Disease/Disorder, Pathogen, County

Field Crops
Corn, Goss’ Wilt, Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis, Dane
Soybean, Phytophthora Root and Stem Rot, Phytophthora sp., Green

Fruit Crops
Cranberry, Early Rot, Phyllosticta vaccinia, Wood
Cherry, Cherry Leaf Spot, Blumeriella jaapii, Dane

Vegetable Crops
Cabbage, Alternaria Leaf Spot, Alternaria brassicicola, Crawford
Cauliflower, Alternaria Leaf Spot, Alternaria brassicicola, Lafayette
Eggplant, Verticillium Wilt, Verticillium sp., Dane
Garlic, Embellisia Skin Blotch, Embellisia allii, Crawfort
Kale, Alternaria Leaf Spot, Alternaria brassicicola, Crawford
Lettuce, Anthracnose, Microdochium panattonianum, Lafayette
Onion, Sour Skin, Burkholderia cepacia, Fillmore (MN)
Pepper, Aerial Pythium, Pythium sp., Rock
Pepper, Sunscald, None, Crawford
Tomato, Bacterial Speck, Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato, Crawford
Tomato, Blossom End Rot, None, Sheboygan
Tomato, Cucumber Mosaic, Cucumber Mosaic Virus, Dane
Tomato, Root Rot, Rhizoctonia sp., Fusarium sp., Green Lake
Tomato, Septoria Leaf Spot, Septoria lycopersici, Sheboygan
Tomato, Tobacco Mosaic, Tobacco mosaic virus, Dane
Tomato, Tomato Spotted Wilt, Tomato Spotten Wilt Virus, Dane
Zucchini, Bacterial Leaf Spotted Wilt, Xanthomonas campestris pv. cucurbitae, Lafayette

Specialty Crops
Hop, Downy Mildew, Pseudoperonospora humuli, Dane

For additional information on plant diseases and their control, visit the PDDC website at pddc.wisc.edu.