Wisconsin CCA Exam Study Materials

Bryan Jensen, UW Extension and IPM Program

The registration period for the February 3 CCA Exam is open until December 9. Online registration is available on the CCA website. Study materials for the International exam may also be found on the CCA website by clicking on the Exam tab.

The first step in exam preparation is to read the International Performance Objectives and/or the Wisconsin Performance Objectives.   Performance Objectives are updated every 4 years and are broken into four sections: Nutrient Management, Pest Management, Crop Management and Soil and Water Management. All exams questions are based on these performance objectives.

To help prepare for the Wisconsin exam, UW Extension has prepared several resources for you to use.  Approximately 50 short videos have been prepared specifically for the state exam and are grouped in three playlists:

An additional set of over 100 electronic resources have been developed by UW Extension specialists and can be useful for both exam preparation as well as for general crop production recommendations.   A list of UW-Madison websites is also available on this list.