The Seed Variety Database is Now Live

Badgerbean is proud to introduce a grower-generated database that will allow you to look up seed varieties with identical genetics.

We designed this tool for farmers across the country to help each other find the Seed Varieties they need, when they need them, at the best possible price.

Please take a few moments to locate the Variety Lookup tab at the bottom of the badgerbean homepage. Just enter your Seed Variety ID to check if it is already part of the database. If it is, you’re done.

If your Seed Variety ID is not yet in the database, please add the information requested—by Variety ID, Company and Brand.  Your submissions to the database are—and will remain—anonymous.

The database will identify seeds with identical genetics by Variety ID, regardless of the company or brand name. This means you may find favorable differences in price among companies and brand names. You may also be able to locate a seed variety you like that a distributor you use no longer carries.

The More Farmers Who Fill the Database, the Better.

This tool benefits all farmers and should reduce the confusion among seed companies and brand names. It will also help farmers know for sure they are diversifying genetics across their farm.

As with anything new, there are two important disclaimers to keep in mind.

First: Two genetically similar varieties may not perform the same side by side in the field due to differences in environmental conditions and management practices among seed production fields. How the seed is handled and processed between the time of harvesting in the seed increase field and planting in a grower’s field also influences overall seed quality, which in turn can affect the performance of two varieties that genetically are the same.

Second: This information in this database is added by farmers like you and collected at random.  This means not all varieties that are the same as other varieties may be listed. What’s more, some varieties listed may no longer be sold commercially.