Wisconsin Fruit News – June 9, 2017

Christelle Guédot, Entomology Specialist, UW-Madison and Amaya Atucha, Horticulture Specialist, UW-Madison, Janet van Zoeren, Fruit Crops Extension Intern, UW-Extension.

Summer is finally here and things are picking up across the state. We have a full newsletter, so I hope you have time to take a look at it!


  • First brown marmorated stink bug caught in trap
  • IPM: Cultural controls
  • Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic update
  • Insect Diagnostic Lab update
  • Phytophthora diseases of berry crops
  • Water management in strawberries
  • Cranberry degree-day map and update
  • Black rot is here
  • Wine and table grapes developmental stages
  • Grape insect pest scouting report — Leafrollers
  • Reduced risk insecticide: Surround
  • Focus on apple aphids
  • Rescue me! Late thinning options for apples
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