Wisconsin Fruit News – season 2, issue 4

Christelle Guédot, Entomology Specialist, UW-Madison and Amaya Atucha, Horticulture Specialist

In this issue of the newsletter, you can read about:

  • Soil-borne diseases of fruit crops: Introduction
  • IPM: Monitoring pest populations and action thresholds
  • Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic update
  • Insect Diagnostic Lab update
  • Spotted wing drosophila forecast for 2017
  • Strawberry root weevil and Black vine weevil
  • Cranberry degree-day map and update
  • Controlling vine vigor by shoot thinnings
  • Wine and table grapes developmental stages
  • Grape insect pest scouting report — Grape plume moth
  • Codling moth flight begins

Read or download here – http://go.wisc.edu/pzxk8w