Wisconsin Fruit News-August 18, 2017

Janet van Zoeren and Christelle Guédot, UW-Extension

Please enjoy this issue of the Wisconsin Fruit Newsletter (http://go.wisc.edu/54qa68). This week you can read about:

*   Insect Diagnostic Lab update
*   Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic update
*   Honeyberries, Haskaps, Blue honeysuckle (Part II)
*   Organic production and IPM guides available
*   Cranberry degree-day map and update
*   Powdery mildew in the vineyard
*   Social wasps in vineyards
*   Wine and table grape developmental stages
*   Vineyard netting protection
*   Revisiting the insecticide Assail
*   Preventing Patulin in apples
*   Apple maturity index report