UWEX Vegetable Crop Updates 18-19 posted

Amanda Gevens, Associate Professor & Extension Specialist, Potato & Vegetable Pathology, UW-Madison Plant Pathology Department

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Click >>> Newsletter No 19 August 18, 2017

  • late blight updates: new finds in Portage, Waushara, and Jefferson Counties – all tomato late blight genotypes are US-23
  • potato late blight types from Portage appear NOT to be US-23 (more to come on this as additional tests are run)
  • other vegetable disease updates including cucurbit and onion downy mildew, Stemphylium on onion, cucurbit powdery mildew, bean brown spot.

Click >>> Newsletter No 18 August 15, 2017

  • Update #18 focuses on potato late blight detection and management.
  • On Aug 14, late blight was confirmed in a few commercial potato fields in Portage County