Wisconsin UWEX Vegetable Crop Updates 20,21,22 posted

Amanda Gevens, Associate Professor & Extension Specialist, Potato & Vegetable Pathology, UW-Madison Plant Pathology Department

These newsletter issues are now on the Plant Path website.

Newsletter No 22 September 10, 2017

  • updates on tomato/potato late blight (with late season info for potato)
  • updates on cucurbit downy mildew
  • updates on Phytophthora crown and fruit rot on cucurbits/solanaceous crops

Newsletter No 21 September 4, 2017

  • updated disease severity values for late blight forecasting. In all locations, the weather has been very favorable for late blight
  • updates on late blight confirmations in WI, the US
  • updates on cucurbit downy mildew in the US. To date, we have not had a commercial or home garden confirmation of downy mildew on cucurbits or basil

Newsletter No 20 August 26, 2017

  • updates on late blight as well as cucurbit downy mildew
  • Additional reports of late blight in Iowa and Kenosha Counties this week. Details included in newsletter
  • Please continue to submit samples of late blight as the disease is identified. With US-8 and US-23 late blight pathogen genotypes in WI, it is useful to have the pathogen tested to best inform fungicide decisions. Additionally, this information is useful in helping in better understanding source(s) of the pathogen